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Painting Your Perfect Picture

People Portraits

If you’re looking for an excellent portrait painting, check out what I can do. I’ve got options for everyone, and all I need is a reference picture!

Pet Portraits

Immortalise your pet with a stunning pet portrait from Geoff Benn Art Services. Using my lifelong skills, I create something that you’re sure to love.

Wall Art

Take the artwork in your child’s nursery to the next level with my wall art. No matter the style you prefer, I’ve got options for every wall in the UK.

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About Geoff Benn Art Services

If you’re looking for a high-quality custom painting, take a look at what I’m offering. My canvas art is available to everyone in the UK, and there are options for everyone. With wall murals, pet portraits, and family artwork all available, I’m sure that I have something perfect for your mantelpiece or workplace. I’ve been active as a business since 2016, but painting has been a lifelong hobby. Get in touch now to discuss exactly what I can offer.