About Geoff Benn Art Services

Painting Your Perfect Picture

Based in Doncaster, I provide excellent artwork to customers throughout the UK. Whether you’re looking for a painted family portrait, a pet portrait, or wall art for a nursery, I have the custom painting you need. I founded Geoff Benn Art Services to provide these services in 2015, and I’m proud to say that I’ve served lots of customers since. I pride myself on attention to detail and creating a good likeness of the subject, and you will be able to view your finished commissioned portrait, for your approval, before it is sent out to you.

My Background

I am a family man who has spent the majority of my working life working in the heavy industrial sector; and up until leaving industry behind; I have been restricted to producing artworks for only close family and friends. But now I have time to offer my services to anyone appreciates my work.

I get great personal pleasure from the positive reactions from people who have received some of my works, and I will endeavour to provide a pleasurable experience for future customers.

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